Dysfunctions of the management of the Covid crisis

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I had planed to share in this blog articles on the theme of disability, zero waste, my travels and in particular to promote the use of the bicycle. The priorities have unfortunately changed. What is the point of talking about these subjects since we have lost the freedom to see our loved ones, to go out, to play sports, to travel? This no longer makes sense at the moment.

This article is a translation so it will talk mainly about France. Don’t hesitate to help me correct possible translation errors. I’m going to reflect on the health crisis we are experiencing, indicate my sources as much as possible, analyze the current situation with integrity, in an intelligible language by all citizens, according to my knowledge and my experiences.

Graduated in management control, I’m used to having a global vision of a company. I will now try to have the most comprehensive vision of France in relation to the management of the health crisis. No conspiracy here, just facts, proofs, observations, testimonies. Feel free to share your views with a reliable source, correct my comments if you see any mistakes (no one is perfect). I strongly hope that my work will be useful in raising the awareness of citizens and especially law enforcement (army, police, etc.), in possible legal actions (many are already underway), or any other use of public utility.

Today, part of the people no longer trust the current government to manage the health crisis (a large part is under hypnosis). Many inconsistencies in the speech, the lack of transparency, increasingly liberticidal and anti-democratic actions question the practices of this health crisis management.

More than ever, citizens can have access to “official” and citizen information by surfing the Internet. It is an incredible opportunity offered by new technologies, a technology that was not present in previous world wars. I have synthetised below the various dysfunctions that I was able to identify in the management of the health crisis into different categories.


The virus is very dangerous, but I think it’s okay, we are still far from the extinction of human beings, right? Not even 0.02% of the world’s population died from the coronavirus, 99.98% are survivors! And the number of births is still greater than the number of deaths. So, is it valid to declare a state of emergency? To lock up a healthy population? To impose wearing a mask, social distancing? To no longer allow people to see their relatives?

There have always been viruses, there always will be and more and more, said the UNO. Man himself causes his own extinction by destroying ecosystems, then nature turns against him. It is the law of karma (“I reap what I sow”). What is this speciesist hysteria to want to save, at all costs, the smallest human being while billions of animals are killed every day, sometimes even for the own pleasure. It is time to become aware of our harmful actions on our environment and to change our way of living to tend towards a way of life more in harmony with nature.

We still do not have any certainty as to the origin of the virus. Has the Chinese government been covering up the truth about where the virus is coming from? The virus would not have been transmitted from an animal, the pangolin or the bat, to humans. It is believed to be a virus created by humans in a highly secure laboratory in Wuhan working on coronaviruses. Or would it be a virus created by the Pasteur Institute deliberately put into circulation in Wuhan to make them take the blame? Or is it related to the electrification of the Earth? There is something wrong


There is never a talk about “how to have a good immune system?”. The practice of sport in clubs or in sports halls has been banned although sport is good for health.

The WHO writes that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and is not just the absence of disease or infirmity“. However, all our social contacts have been limited by the containment measures.A study shows that the decline of social relations leads to a higher death rate. Confinement causes more problems than brings benefits (domestic violence, precariousness, delayed care, etc.). In addition, the speeches proclaimed in the mainstream media generate anxiety and stress which lower the immune system. The population has been terrified.

In Japan, the number of suicides is higher than the number of people who have died from Covid. In France, restaurant owners and other independents have also killed themselves (because of: isolation, loneliness, financial problems, insecurity, etc.).

The students are also in great distress to find themselves, for the most part, confined in small studios, to have an almost non-existent social life and to live in a situation of growing precariousness (I remember that I worked all the school holidays in order to meet my needs…). A thought for the student who threw himself out of a windows in Lyon.

The elderly and people with disabilities live and sometimes die alone and isolated from their loved ones in inhumane conditions (petition for a call for dignity and humanity).

The plight of children is heartbreaking. I’ve dedicated a full article to them.

Wearing a mask

Masks were unnecessary at the height of the epidemic and are now imposed everywhere whether one is sick or not and all the time.

There is no scientific study that demonstrates the effectiveness of masks and even less outdoors. Wearing a mask is unnecessary in the open air. It is written on the box that the mask does not protect against viral and infectious contaminations. And many studies prove that the mask is absolutely useless.

There is no reliable study that proves the safety of masks. It would promote acne, eczema, cavities, gingivitis, lung diseases.

Masks are imposed on children from 6 years old, while children are not at risk, are not sick, nor carriers or vectors of contamination.

The masks generate psycho-social disorders and is an issue in terms of waste management.

People have had to wear masks for a year and now they’ll have to suffocate even more with the FFP2 masks?

The tests

The help of veterinary laboratories for the manufacture of PCR tests was not accepted at the height of the epidemic to finally be requested afterwards for screening.

The tests are done in a disproportionate way without any sense by making believe that they are free to the population. They would not be recommended for diagnostic purposes.

The tests are unreliable since they amplify the number of positive cases with the application of a non-standardized and excessive cycle number.

Are the tests safe? An American woman suffered a cerebrospinal fluid leak. This would be the exception that proves the rule.


The number of hospital beds per inhabitant has decreased by 40% in 30 years. And, in the midst of a crisis, we continue to remove them.

There is no money for public health services (beds and staff), but we are forced to pay billions for tests and research for a vaccine. Funds have even been made available to hire a private consulting firm.

It is believed that the hospital system is under strain while private hospitals are not called upon to care for the sick. (At least, during the first “wave”.)

Hospitals have always been under pressure, this is not a new phenomenon.

The Garches hospital center has been closed in the midst of a “pandemic”. Hospital in which a virologist who think differently from the government works. Simple coincidence?

People hospitalized for covid would represent only 2% of the total hospitalizations according to a report by the Technical Agency for Information on Hospitalization.

Medical care

Doctors were bypassed by the government and were no longer able to prescribe certain molecules to their patients. The doctor were no longer free to treat his patient, everything is controlled at the central level.

Inconsistent and unreliable studies (Recovery, The Lancet) persist in discrediting the inexpensive drug hydroxychloroquine. Two studies (Discovery and Hycovid) were prematurely stopped following publication of the bogus article in the Lancet. Why were they not taken up and completed after the Lancet confession? And now, Sanofi refuses to honor orders without approval from the General Directorate of Health. What would be the interest for the caregivers of the hospital of Marseille to lie publicly? They could jeopardize their careers, even their families, right?

There are clearly financial interests, especially regarding the use of Remdisivir.

People sick with Covid are intubated instead of being oxygenated. This has been rectified now.

Some treatments are hampered in terms of prevention or at the start of the disease as we have seen above, while others are facilitated such as Rivotril. It is honorable not to let someone die in pain, but giving them the opportunity to seek treatment before it is too late would be better. Not to mention what the government has inflicted on caregivers.

Patients have to do a PCR test before having an operation and are refused the operation if they test positive. A patient underwent a forced test to have his finger sewn up. 

Laboratories have embarked on a frantic race to find a vaccine. What is this obsession with wanting to vaccinate the entire planet for a virus, remember that only kills 0.02% of the world’s population. I do not understand how anyone can believe that a vaccine against a mutating virus can be effective or that a vaccine created in such a short time can be safe (much like the flu vaccine sold every year), and neither that a vaccine that can potentially modify our DNA could be without more harmful side effects.


Coincidentally, an order for 1.6 billion specific glass vials that can withstand a temperature of -100 ° C was placed by Pfizer in November 2019.

The French people will not be able to choose the vaccine to be injected.

See the article dedicated to vaccines


Deceased people have been counted as dead of Covid in some cases, without proof of being infected with Covid, which has inflated the figures.

Resuscitation bed occupancy statistics are meaningless.

Drastic measures are taken in relation to the number of cases. However, a positive person is not necessarily an infected, sick or dying person. Especially since the number of excessive cycles applied to the tests, artificially amplifies the number of positive cases.


Confinement is unfair. Supermarkets are open, places where there are a lot of people and where the transmission of the virus is therefore more favorable. Small traders and artisans are closed and doomed to go bankrupt while they have invested all their savings to be able to survive and follow the health rules requested.

The measures implemented are impoverishing the population day by day. And the richest always get richer since it is the savings of the rich which are used to lend money to the State. And the poorest will continue to pay like slaves ?! The decisions that have been taken (confinement, massive tests, partial unemployment, etc.) have had much stronger damaging consequences in terms of public health and economy than the number of Covid lives saved. Everything has been destroyed (Education, mental health, economy, ecology (masks, gowns, etc. = waste), etc.). On what purpose? In order to find a vaccine to save / kill the population?


Here is my article dedicated to children

The media

The media are not independent. They select the information that is broadcasted. They talk about Covid all day long, throw around figures without putting them into perspective, when it does not even represent 0.02% of deaths of the world population. What’s their point? Keeping people in fear and anxiety?

The media are promoting vaccination.

They have lost all critical thinking.

A globalist economist declares a state of emergency forever?!

A former director general of health says children should keep the mask at home and that we should no longer eat as a family!

A lot of content is removed from the internet while other violent or sexual content is freely available. In addition to censorship, there is identity theft, with the creation of fake ridiculing or hateful content in order to discredit people. And of course, the latter are not censored … Recently, the State wants to hinder the freedom of expression of the independent media FranceSoir by removing its press authorization. Here is his response and a petition.

Bill Gates wants to create a ministry of truth, the pinnacle of censorship…

Pfizer Board Member Jim Smith manage the Thomson Reuters Foundation Fact Checker.


Voting by show of hands in 2020? Seriously? Mr. Macron insulted as “Amish” the people asking for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G in order to study the safety of this one on the population. So, perhaps it would be wise to start by modernizing politics by using remote voting applications, much more reliable than counting the hands raised in a chamber of, usually, 577 deputies!

While the resources in the health sector are drastically reduced, the internal security budget is, on the contrary, increasing with hires, drone surveillance, etc. In France, there is much more probability of dying from Covid from lack of care than of dying from a terrorist attack.

All drastic measures are taken by a scientific council that has no legitimacy and is based on no scientific data. Let us demand its dissolution.

There is no comprehensive political analysis (health, economic and social) that has been done. The collateral damage of confinements, closures and curfews (delays in diagnosing other diseases, suicides, bankruptcies, etc.) are not negligible, if not greater than the damage linked to the Covid alone. In addition, the curfew and closures have no effect on containing the epidemic. On the contrary, it forces people to gather in a limited number of places (shopping center, supermarket) on a reduced time slot.

Unhealthy incentives

Blackmail is done to the elderly and people with disabilities:

  • – A family outing will cost them 7 days of isolation: Why can’t they just have a test to avoid restrictions? It is quite often said that the tests are “free”.
  • – The refusal of vaccination will deprive them of social life, isolation for life? An example in a retirement home.

The population would be granted access to certain places subject to presentation of a health passport. In case of refusal of vaccination, our freedoms would be reduced, we could receive a fine, and even be registered by the police. In Israel, the government wants to file the unvaccinated and give them access only to the pharmacy and supermarket.

In Canada, tourists would be followed digitally to collect “data”.

Financial incentives are being set up for doctors to register people and there is already talk of paying people to get vaccinated or make them pay a fine. Also, the train can be taken for free to get vaccinated and employees will be granted paid leave in order to be vaccinated.

Blackmail to resuming sport activities ? What is the estimated financial windfall for Decathlon?


Abuses of power

The confinement of the population is generalized while the circulation of the virus is not the same throughout the country.

The state of emergency and confinement is extended beyond December 14, 2020 against the advice of parliamentarians and against the advice of the Senate. Democracy is clearly in danger.

Citizens receive fines for non-compliance with confinement rules, wearing a mask, etc. Rules that go against the integrity of the human being and the fundamental rights of every human being.

Disproportionate penalties are being taken against people who threw a big New Years party while real criminals are still at large or facing much lower sentences.

Wearing a mask was introduced from the age of 6 without any valid argument.

French high school students denounced the inconsistency of the measures taken by the government, the contradictions between the deprivation of their social life and the insufficient health measures in their school establishment. They were gassed, clubbed by the police. Even if some high school students did not have an adequate behavior, we do not fight evil with evil and even less towards children.

And at the same time, a law wants to be passed to protect the police by preventing the population (journalists, citizens, etc.) from filming them in the exercise of their function under penalty of one year of imprisonment. and a fine of € 45,000. This would prevent the exercise of the right for people who are victims of police violence.

The police have the possibility to collect information on any individual who presents a disturbance to public order. A provision that was signed by decree, therefore without a vote, dangerous for freedom of expression.

We can already note the measures that have been taken against this freedom of expression by summons, layoffs, dismissals and even psychiatric internments. What is the next step ? a murder?

The Parliamentary Information Committee has also been abolished.

Not even a break for the Christmas holidays, they are proposing a bill establishing a sustainable health emergency management regime in which it would be possible for them to make requisitions of people, goods and services, to limit our movements and to provide access to certain places on condition of presenting a negative test or being vaccinated. Mr. Bardella speaks of sanitary segregation, attack on public freedoms, totalitarian drift. The text was quickly withdrawn but let us remain, all the same, on our guard

Because the High Health Autority indicates that it is not recommended to carry out compulsory vaccination at the start of the vaccination campaign, but if persuasion did not work, it will have to be considered (page 6 ).

In addition, Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals has already ordered badges to notify members of the nursing staff who are vaccinated. Enough to make the vaccinated people look like as good altruists and the others as selfish bad guys. It is discrimination and a breach of medical confidentiality.

There are serious conflicts of interest within the Constitutional Council.

Insane ideas

A company wishes to have its employees wear a sound collar or a sound belt in order to enforce social distancing.

Germany is already considering using hospitals as detention camps for people who refuse to self-isolate. (When you are sick you stay at home, we have to stop believing that there are contaminating criminals. This virus is not that dangerous…).

Will all migrating birds be euthanized for not respecting the quarantine?

It is now recommended not to speak in public transport. So the mask would be ineffective?

As a result, two masks would have to be superimposed. Soon you will not be able to breathe at all, they will ask you to do apnea.

After the nasal intrusion… the annal intrusion

In China, people and even children who test positive are isolated or even forcibly detained.


I’m getting out of France a bit… But as this is a global health crisis, this also concerns us. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is not blameless. It’s in the top 3 in 2018/2019 in terms of payment of financial allocations to the WHO. It also makes donations to the Institut Pasteur. Can we still trust the independence of these medical organizations? Bill Gates had spoken of a possible future pandemic whereas he didn’t study medicine. How can we believe that a person who invests his money in companies that destroy human beings, who collaborates with pharmaceutical industries, can suddenly be interested in saving the world from an epidemic with a non-destructive vaccine? What is this obsession with wanting to suddenly vaccinate the entire planet for a virus? Remember, that only kills 0.02% of the world’s population.

And last scoop, France signed an agreement for the management of health data by Microsoft for at least 2 years. I see a lot of conflicts of interest, but I don’t know enough about it to know if there is a sovereign data processing solution. Here is a petition about it.

I hope this article has made you aware of the extent of state corruption. Indeed, this large number of dysfunctions present in France, but also abroad, does not say that they are simple errors, coincidences or a great incompetence. There is enough evidence to realize that this is indeed a well organized and programmed plan by global elites (example of scenarios: Event 201, The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028The “Lock Step” by the Rockfeller foundation, Great Reset book, France genomic plan 2025, the roadmap on vaccination 2019-2022). The dictatorship is real. Education is not about learning that Hitler had Jews exterminated, but how he manage to accomplish it.

It is necessary to remember events of the past so as not to repeat the same mistakes. There are, in particular, strange similarities between the covid crisis and the Spanish flu.

If you notice the same organizational issues in your country, please let us know in a comment below.

To go further : French corruption with the members of the “Siècle” Article : Go from fear of the virus (decoy) to real danger, the Great Reset Films, videos, articles, of awakened citizens

In a future article, I will list some ideas for solutions that the government would have deployed if it really sought to end the pandemic without creating economic bankruptcy and dictatorship.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to share any new inconsistencies, injustices, issues related to the management of the Covid crisis, or old ones that I forgot to mention, in the comments below.

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