Confined, locked up like billions of animals…

In France, since March 15, 2020, it’s no longer possible to leave our houses as we wish. We are lucky though to be able to go out for food shopping in order to eat (whatever we want, whenever we want), or for fresh air up to one hour a day (but still within a kilometer distance from home). We have access to new technologies so that we can keep in touch with our loved ones too.

With this lockdown, however, we have been experiencing feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety or even depression…. But what about billions (I say billions because I imagine there are billions…) of animals locked up in cages of zoos, circuses, in pools of marine parks and even aquariums?
Well, animals can also feel these same emotions.

Captured from their native environment, they are very often separated from their families for the simple purpose of entertaining us. These separations cause serious trauma.
Used to forage or hunt for their food in the wild independently, they are forced to eat at fixed times. If no one feeds them, they will be condemned to die since they can no longer do it on their own.
Accustomed to travel long distances, they are now in tiny cages or basins.
As for their natural reproduction, they cannot choose their mates, as they would do in their natural environment.

This dependency on humans and the living conditions in captivity manifests itself also behavioral problems in different animal species (stereotypy, self-destruction, aggression, etc.)

Deprived of our freedom, will we be able to learn from it? Will we be able to show more empathy towards other animal species? Can’t animals have the right to live free on Earth too? Who said that a group of individuals had property rights over these sentient beings to transform them into animal objects, into show animals, all in the name of “education” or profit?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to close all these “prisons for the innocent” and reinsert these animals in their natural habitats? Isn’t the planet big enough to be shared among all living beings?

You can refer to below articles if you wish to find out more on the subject on animal exploitation in zoos, circuses marine parks and aquariums:

N.B.: They all come from because I think they are very well written.

Picture : Patrice Letarnecs

Take care of yourself.

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