New lockdown in Shenzhen

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Donny is a very good Chinese friend that I met during my year of V.I.E. in England. A few years ago, he had to return to China because his visa was not renewed. Today, he testifies that the Covid nightmare continues in Shenzhen, city in Guangdong province, where he lives.

The government forbids him to leave his home. He must telecommute for 10 days. Another lockdown. Already in March 2022, they were confined in Shenzhen for a whole week… As in the series, he can’t believe it’s still happening. With 32 degrees outside, he tells me that it’s not too hot in his apartment, because here, 99% of the apartments are equipped with air conditioning.

The first 3-4 days meals are sent by the government. The first day he received an order from KFC for lunch. In the evening he received rice with side dishes. For the remaining 6-7 days, he’ll have to order his meals himself. The delivery man deposits the food at the bottom of the building and volunteers, monitoring each building, distribute the meals to the inhabitants. There is a group similar to Whatsapp between all the neighbors in case if someone needs something. And it’s only the people appointed by the government who will respond to the various requests, such as throwing out the trash.

In the middle of the day, a patrol of cosmonauts dressed in white, come to the streets and speak in a loudspeaker to tell people to come down to carry out the daily covid test.

Last April, a friend of his was taken hostage in Shanghai by the government. In Shanghai, there were big worries: people were starving due to the temporary closure of food delivery services, animals were being killed, the elderly couldn’t go to the hospital or get medicine, etc. Meanwhile, life has returned to normal in Shanghai and Shenzhen is taking over. But Donny doesn’t worry. He thinks that in Shenzhen they’re better organized because the average age is younger.

Since 2021, Donny was able to confirm to me that the French media were lying about what was happening in China, such as:

  • mass vaccination campaigns when it was only a clinical test campaign
  • the ban on going to school without being vaccinated which would never have taken place

On the other hand, he was not aware of the Uyghur camps (sold as companies that offer work by the Chinese news) or the covid quarantine camps (which would take place in hotels, some of which would be rather nice).

In China, they didn’t force people to get vaccinated but they kept calling (harassing) people on the phone (much like when we received emails, texts or calls from social security in France…). They did end up getting tired of it after a while when people stopped responding to the calls. At first, Donny wasn’t ready to get vaccinated. In October 2021, he finally gave in to fear… He just felt better mentally after the injection.

He also told me, when there was the Omicron variant, negative tests were requested every 2 days to enter certain places. There are places to get tested (in the throat) almost everywhere and it takes only 5 minutes.

The government has a lot of power there. He acts very quickly, as soon as there’s a problem, to make decisions. Not everyone has a choice but to follow orders. He knows that sometimes the decisions are not good for their freedom but the people let the government make the decisions believing that they’re good for the society. In times of crisis, he thinks that government responsiveness is a good thing, but admits that for everyday life and the development of civilization it’s not really positive. He sometimes even has the impression that society is regressing.

Last year, he was telling me that he preferred strict confinement for 2 to 3 months, then go back to normal. He ordered the food on the internet because the delivery system works very well there. He even thought it was kinda nice that the government sent him food. At the time, faced with the unknown, he thought these measures were necessary. Today he changed his mind.

In China, people don’t have a warrior spirit to fight for their freedom. They’re numb, according to Donny. They prefer to follow orders. They almost look like zombies. Since the penalties are severe, this deters people from breaking the rules.

The communist dictatorship isn’t new. It’s a system that makes a large population walk straight. The Chinese people have suffered many human rights abuses such as the one-child policy. Today this covidist madness where people are taken hostage must end as soon as possible. Feel free to sign the petition to end the Chinese Communist Party. Here is a petition that I had already written last April to denounce the lockdown that took place in Shanghai. As of today, they have in theory 7 days of confinement left in Shenzhen… Feeling helpless from France, let’s send them moral support, strength and bravery.


~ Courage is acting and giving oneself to great causes without knowing what reward the deep universe reserves for our effort, nor if it reserves a reward for it.  Jean Jaurès ~

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