Transhumanism’s influencers and resistances to change

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Here we are not going to talk about influencers for a beauty cream, a pair of shoes, an outfit or a tourist destination. In this article, we will see who influences governments on the policies to be carried out in our country. Is it the sovereign people? (As it should be in a real democracy) Or is it a small group of people who hold the reins of the country? (oligarchy or even timocracy)

After some research, here are some people who are advising presidents, organizations, institutions or have strong lobbying power with public decision-makers. Feel free to participate in the analysis (indicating your sources, please).

Laurent Alexandre

Character advocating transhumanism who thinks that man could achieve immortality. Human beings would merge with artificial intelligence and become cyborg men. He wants to put implants in the brains of children to increase their IQ and use nanotechnology to increase human abilities. He thinks that the artificial womb will be operational at the end of the century to do without the surrogate mother (Ectolife?). He also insulted yellow vests as useless. He warns that the neuro-technological tsunami is coming and that we’re going to suffer a major philosophical and civilizational shock. He hopes that the work of Calico (subsidiary of Google), Meta (Facebook) and Neuralink will succeed, in order to offer us, respectively, biological immortality, digital immortality and/or brain implants to inject our consciousness into computers.

Jacques Attali

“It will be ensured that each of us will freely want to conform to the norm, to behave like a slave. Which is the absolute form of dictatorship. What’s fascinating is through medicine that this new form of totalitarian society is taking place.”


Surprisingly very present with the presidents of the French Republic since Mitterand (the latter was Jacques Attali’s wedding witness…) and at the origin of Emmanuel Macron’s career, he advocates globalization during his conferences and in his books. He depicts a dark, even dystopian future : euthanasia of people from the age of 65, too large and “useless” population, transformation of the human being into a commercial object, all his contempt for the little people and human beings appears in his books. He also spoke about transhumanism during a TV program with Laurent Alexandre where we would be gradually transformed into objects by modifying our biological nature. The supreme objective is the advent of a world government with a world currency and the perpetuation of inequalities and poverty for the majority of the population.

Mark Zuckerberg

Founder of Facebook and Meta, Mark Zuckerberg wants to capture our attention to lock us in a virtual world where everything would be possible thanks to a virtual reality headset. This human cloning program allows everyone to create their own 3D avatar, home, etc. In this virtual or “augmented” universe, it’s possible to play, chat, study, work, play sports, travel, go shopping, go to a concert, etc. There will be no more need to create beauty in the real world since everything can be done effortlessly in the virtual world. No more pollution with travel and overconsumption, we can do all this in the virtual world, living modestly in a studio, dressed in pajamas… So is this virtual world really reasonable? Are we not murdering the real? How will people be able to discern between reality and the virtual world? Can crimes (murder, rape, etc.) be committed in the Metaverse? What will be the acceptable limits of the platform? Facebook’s current content moderation policy and repeated censorship doesn’t bode well for freedom of expression and democracy. Mark Zuckerberg has also been heavily criticized for breaching his users’ data. He was, moreover, sentenced in 2019 to pay a fine of 5 billion dollars.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is presented as a defender of free speech, but watch out for controlled opposition… The corporate mission of Neuralink sounds pretty noble: to treat neurological diseases, disabilities, and more. through connected, bionic elements. (I would be happy if my paralyzed mother could regain the use of her limbs and speech, but will it really be her? Or will I talk to a robot?)

The first tests to install brain implants have been carried out on pigs, monkeys, and the first tests on human volunteers are already scheduled for the end of 2022 (subject to FDA approval). Elon Musk promises to go beyond the Metaverse to offer us a total immersion in a virtual reality. It will even be possible to download one’s consciousness to export it to another body or to a robot… This vision of a transhumanist society, in which human capacities are increased, poses many problems in terms of bioethics, data security , mind control, etc.

Klaus Schwab

You will own nothing and you will be happy.

Author of the Great Reset Covid 19 and founder of the World Economic Forum. He encourages vaccination, advocates the destruction of the economy and especially of small businesses thanks to confinements and wishes to set up an ecological communism by abolishing in particular the right to property. He thinks that the Chinese communist regime is an excellent model and an example to follow. He talks about the 4th industrial revolution, a digital revolution where human beings will live in smart cities driven by Big Data. Thus, it will be necessary for our physical, digital and biological identities to merge through nanotechnology. He’s also the founder of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, which aims to spread his ideas to politicians in states around the world for the establishment of this global governance. He’s proud to have political leaders, NGOs, media, experts, scientists, religious figures, etc. in his pocket all around the world (Trudeau, Poutine, Merkel, etc.).

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a computer scientist and the founder of Microsoft. Today, he pretends to be a doctor and explains how “vaccines” work or rather injections with Genetically Modified Organisms. He’s also a “philanthropist” with his “Bill and Melinda Gates” foundation, which notably finances the World Health Organization. He thinks so much about people’s health that he invests his money in everything that can give him a return on investment (vaccines, GMOs, armaments, fossil fuels, junk food, etc.) and everything that will make people dependent. He warns that there will be other pandemics that will attract attention.

If you have any juicy details about one of the influencers or if you see other figures who influence the upper reaches of power, don’t hesitate to share them with me in the comments with links to articles or videos so that I can write a relevant paragraph. I find it really unfortunate that some people do not put their intelligence at the service of the common good and are filled with contempt. Why don’t they have a heart in your opinion?

The transhumanism project is also:

Following this analysis, I ask myself several questions:

  • Why is this work carried out on the sly without informing the population?
  • Is it conceivable to develop technologies by exploiting human and material resources when we’re supposed to be in a deconsumption phase in order to respect the planetary limits and to stop all material, digital and electromagnetic pollution?
  • Currently, there are inequalities on the planet in terms of access to food, drinking water, housing, healthcare. Couldn’t we imagine that access to immortality is also reserved for the elite? Biological immortality for the elite and digital immortality / biological death / imprisonment of consciousness in Facebook’s Metaverse for the “useless”? Isn’t this a disguised form of destruction of human beings?
  • Can we reasonably think that their goal is to make us immortal when they don’t hesitate to prevent doctors from treating and to kill professionally and/or socially non-injected people?
  • Will we one day be able to work in the service of humanity? Or will everything done on this planet always aim to enslave the masses for the benefit of the few?

Their plan is well on the way to achieve as the European Commission adopted the extension of the EU Digital COVID Certificate despite negative opinions from citizens. But the game is not yet over because not everyone is so docile and this slows down their plans to try to take another direction than transhumanism. I had written an internship dissertation in 2013, of which I’m proud, since I had 18/20, in which I mentioned resistance to change when faced with the implementation of new management control tools in a company. I explained that human beings refuse a priori any evolution, prefer stability and fear the unknown. Hence the interest for governments to use the strategy of fear and other mass manipulation techniques to force change.

In an ideal world, where leaders are benevolent, they would rather use, according to Pastor, doctor in information and communication sciences, the following 5 levers of change:

  • Information and communication from management (with a spirit of non-contradiction in order to maintain some credibility and maintain motivation).
  • The involvement of middle managers (who must find an interest in it with motivational elements which may be of a financial nature).
  • The empowerment of teams (by promoting collaborative work rather than directive and prescriptive).
  • Accompaniment (by neutral, independent, temporary people and training sessions).
  • The development and recognition of skills (reassuring users, offering them different learning formats).

We can notice that the management of this crisis wasn’t well managed at all if we refer to the criteria above:

  • The speeches were contradictory and there were many inconsistencies.

  • We’re dealing with vertical management. There’s no collaborative work since the orders start from an opaque scientific council and go down to the different hierarchical levels.
  • The parties involved are not independent since there are many conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.

The only criteria that have possibly been met are the training of “vaccinating” staff and users of the “Tous AntiCovid” application, as well as the financial incentive. Indeed, the people who collaborate in the experimental injection benefit from a higher salary than their usual salary. This can lead us to wonder about the real motivation of doctors: to treat or to inject… In the midst of a pandemic, the government suspends caregivers without pay, sees no problem in employing “vaccinated” people, tested positive and hires agents security to control sanitary passes. These are not consistent measures that a responsible leader would have taken if there was a pandemic.

The main problems are therefore the lack of transparency, corruption, the non-inclusion of citizens in the projects of a few and above all the imposition of these projects, by means of coercion and repression.

The only solution I see would be a transparent debate and a free choice of the future for human beings. One could imagine that a part of the population wishes to evolve towards cyborg men and that another part of the population wishes to live in harmony with nature. We must be able to allow everyone to live as they wish as long as it doesn’t harm one another. Let’s divide the territories, so that everyone can live on this planet freely. The planet doesn’t belong to them! Let’s demand a public debate on transhumanism!

If the subject interests you, you can get in touch with the French Transhumanist Association. I met members of the Strasbourg branch in the village of associations. The exchanges were very friendly, I stayed at the stand for almost 1 hour! To reassure you, they’re not friends with the characters mentioned above. I also, reluctantly, put in contact, a few months ago, one of the members of the AFT (former yellow vest) with Mr. Sibilia advocating transhumanism in the health sector. The latter would have refused to meet the association, which would therefore be a good sign. The association has a technoprogressive, humanist and democratic vision. It wants science and technology to be at the service of the people. It also raises awareness of the risks of technologies linked to transhumanism. Therefore, it pushes citizens to take up the subject of transhumanism, which “is a current of thought that defends the improvement of human capacities and condition through the use of science and technology”.

~ Control your own destiny or someone else will. ~

~ The only freedom is to choose your destiny. ~

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