To support me

Lecture / Reading / Lectura : 2 minutes / minutos

Hello !

You can now support my work via my Tipee account 😀

1€ – A symbolic gesture, because it’s the intention that counts.

5€ – Five little seeds, to continue to sow, to swarm

10€ – Ten small drops, to honor the story of the hummingbird

20€ – Twenty rays of sunshine, to make ideas grow and share.

50€ – Fifty smiles, to thank this surge of generosity.

100€ – A hundred magic words, to express my infinite gratitude.

Who am I and what kind of content am I producing?

I’m Cindy, I invite you to read my presentation if you want to know more about my background.

I produce different content:

–> On my website, I write thematic synthetic articles, sometimes with graphic analyzes and I update them regularly (analysis of the votes of politicians, health crisis, pedocrime, zero waste, disability, citizen initiatives, trips, recipes cooking, etc.).

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter directly on the site.

–> On my Facebook page and my french Telegram channel, you can find my citizen lobbying actions with various public authorities, companies, citizens, etc. (in addition to links towards my articles).

–> On Tiktok and on my Youtube channel, I make resistant and personal video montages. I also co-constructed a playlist of songs on the theme of resistance and freedom.

I’m a little less active on other social networks (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) but you can still subscribe 🙂

Why am I on Tipee?

My work is entirely voluntary. That’s why I set up this Tipee account. From €1, you decide how much you wanna give according to your means and your desires. Infinitely thank you!

I love being able to be free and independent and act for the common good. To be able to live from it would be great.

This money will allow me, for example, to reimburse the expenses already committed and to come such as the hosting of the site, the domain name, elements of graphics, the multilingual software, advertising to release information of general interest and if that permits, computer equipment and my working hours.

I accept non-monetary gifts (barter, moneyless world, etc.).

Transparency on revenue and expenditure (2015 – 2023)

Receipts: 5€.

Expenses : 1 905€

Balance : – 1 900€

What are the rewards?

I’m committed to write synthetic articles on different subjects so that they are easily understandable and shareable.

I undertake to translate my articles as much as possible into English and Spanish according to the time available.

I’m committed to share sourced information and if there’s an error, I’ll correct it.

I will act in accordance with my values (justice, truth, dignity) and the common interest.

I’ll not place any remunerative advertising on my site or in my content.

If you want some goodies, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll set it up 🙂

For any other questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form on my site.

See you soon !