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Hello !

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My name is Cindy, I’m a young french girl, passionate about discovering the world alone or with friends. I love dancing, practicing Vinyasa yoga, cycling and taking pictures of the beautiful landscapes from our planet. I’m also interested in many social issues.

The taste for travelling came to me at the age of 10 when I went to my first summer camp holiday at Palavas les flots in the south of France. It was a great experience because it was the first time I saw the

I studied law, economy, management and finance and I specialized in management control. It may be difficult to combine travel and work in this kind of position. I managed to pull it off well at the end of my studies by signing a V.I.E. (International Volunteering in Business) contract. So, I got the opportunity to spend a year in England and a year in Spain with the company Faurecia, a French automotive supplier. For family reasons, my instinct told me to come back to Alsace and I’ve stayed ever since. I gave up WHV (Working Holiday Visa) projects in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Canada. And therefore future have had another destiny in store for me… For more information on my professional accomplishments, I invite you to look at my LinkedIn resume.

I danced a lot from my teens until I was 22 years old (Hiphop, Ragga dancehall). I had the chance to be part of several dance groups and to train intensely a year to perform in a Hiphop competition with the ASPTT of Colmar. Then I got into couple dances and more particularly Afro-Latin dances (salsa, bachata, kizomba). I participated in many festivals in England, Spain, France and Luxembourg.

It was in Birmingham that I started doing yoga, in a gym (LA fitness). In Pamplona, I had a constant practice of 2 times a week at Yoga Studio Pamplona. I also participated in various yoga and acroyoga events, on weekends, in other Spanish cities. When I returned to Strasbourg, I continued yoga at Yogamoves. Then, in 2017/2018, I went once a month to Pamplona to do a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga training to deepen my knowledge.

My love for nature came relatively late since I was concentrating on my studies. It was especially during my travels, from 2014, when I found myself with my self, that I began to admire the beauty of nature. During this same period, I had difficult months, due to a huge global awareness of the world in which we are living in, of the suffering and harm that’s being done to our planet, to human and non-human beings. Many readings and viewings, I was suffering, taken in a deep empathy. I tried to take a step back so as not to live in constant anxiety. Rather, I tell myself that I do the best I can every day. I do things with consciousness, I’m grateful. Nobody’s perfect and I wouldn’t save the world on my own.

However, I know that small streams make big rivers.

The health crisis of 2020 has heightened my awareness of the systemic crisis we are going through. During these 2 years, I wrote a lot on my website. It was supposed to relate my cycling trips, mainly. It has finally become a rather militant, activist blog.

These last two years have been extremely rich in meetings, discoveries of citizen initiatives and co-creations: