Vélicious Strasbourg, it’s delicious!

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Vélicious is the first vegan restaurant and tea room, launched in Strasbourg in 2015, thanks to a participatory funding campaign. The Vélicious team is composed of Elena and Cédric, the great instigators of this project, and is growing day by day with  including my great ex-neighbor baker Erika !

Via Facebook, I learned about this new restaurant in Strasbourg when I was living in Spain. Following the news of the page, I could not wait to try their homemade products, made, as much as possible, with organic and local ingredients.

In December, they publish the Christmas logs card.
12376464_916299011792603_2492333127795164677_nI let myself be tempted and ended up ordering the prestige log, a log made of hazelnuts, different chocolates, almond-hazelnut praline crunch and caramel. Yes, the price was also prestigious. But I trust the quality of the products, I’m not a student anymore, it’s Christmas, no excuses, we’re going to please the family !

So I look for her on December 24th, in the morning, at the restaurant. The team welcomes me with a smile . A few exchanges, then I let them work because during the holiday season there is a lot of work. In the end, I didn’t regret my choice at all. The whole family was pleased and surprised that this succulent log did not contain eggs, cow’s milk or any other animal product.

After the Christmas vacations, I’m going back to Spain and I promise myself to come back next time to taste one of their great little dishes.

Back in February in Strasbourg, it is difficult for me to find a time to go to the restaurant. Especially since the restaurant is located a bit far from my home. What was not the good news, when, on February 17 at 11:47, Vélicious announced on its Facebook page, the possibility of being delivered at home for only 2.50 € additional from 15 € of purchases.

In less than 5 minutes I placed my order : a small organic salad from the chef (Elena), a homemade veggie steak cheeseburger with fries, ketchup and vegan mayonnaise and a praline cupcake.

The order took 40 minutes to arrive because I live on the opposite side of the street from the restaurant… The delivery man told me that it was really nice to be able to pedal so much. Erika told me the next day that I had the honor of being the very first customer to have my order delivered by bike to the house !

Despite the 30 minutes of cycling, the dish was still hot ! Velious mealThe salad was so huge that I wonder if they didn’t make a mistake and put me the big portion instead of the small one ^^. The vegan burger was delicious. However, I didn’t like the potato skin on some of the fries. The sauces are very good, I can’t tell the difference with non-vegan mayonnaise.

cupcake veliciousFinally, a picture of the final bouquet, the praline cupcake with a 100% praline heart hidden under the praline cream, a real treat!

Next time I’ll try your soups, your cork mousse, and your hot chocolate. Continue to share your culinary passion, I will continue to taste 🙂 See you soon!

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