The Independent Scientific Council for informed information of general interest

Lecture / Reading / Lectura : 15 minutes / minutos

The Independent Scientific Council (ISC) offers you public meetings every Thursday evening at 9pm on the Crowdbunker platform, Odysee and Youtube when not censored… The ISC made its first broadcast in April 2021 and is already on its 100th recording! This Independent Scientific Council works on a voluntary basis and has produced 180 hours of filmed information of public interest. It’made up of doctors, scientists, teachers and researchers free of any conflicts or links of interest. It invites, each time, various and exciting personalities. It aims to train physicians and to offer a different perspective on health crisis management, which I’ll summarize as follows: caring for the population in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath rather than terrorizing and coercing the population.

Speakers at the public meetings of the Independent Scientific Council

You’ll find below the details of the speakers with their personal websites. I’ve also indicated the number of the program in which each guest participated so that you can find the program more quickly.

ISC members (in blue in the graph above)

Hélène Banoun (pharmacist, biologist)
Emmanuelle Darles (lecturer, teacher-researcher, computer scientist)
Dr Philippe de Chazournes (general practitioner)
Dr Louis Fouché (anaesthetist and intensive care physician)
Dr Eric Menat (medical doctor)
Jean-Dominique Michel (anthropologist)
Vincent Pavan (teacher-researcher, mathematician)
Pr Christian Perronne (infectiologist, former president of the “Communicable Diseases” commission of the High Council for Public Health)
Dr Olivier Soulier (homeopathic physician and acupuncturist)
Laurent Toubiana (epidemiologist and director of the Research Institute for the Valorisation of Health Data in France)
Dr Jean-François Lesgards (Doctor of Biology)

ISC guests (in grey in the above chart)

6/38/41/67/99/ Surya Arby (mathematician, computer scientist)
68/ Dr Stéphane Arminjon (general practitioner)
77/ Xavier Azalbert (entrepreneur, mathematician and economist by training, director of FranceSoir publication)
7/ Fréderic Badel (psychiatrist)
100/ André Bercoff (journalist, writer and presenter)
42/ Ariane Bilheran (clinical psychologist)
61/64/95/ Anne-Lise Boquet-Garçon (doctor in health biology, teacher in immunology/haematology)
58/94/ Pr Jean-Paul Bourdineaud (professor of biochemistry and environmental toxicology)
38/ Dr Bruno Bourgeon (nephrologist)
6/10/15/22/26/28/34/37/46/48/55/59/66/82/ Pierre Chaillot (statistician, creator of the channel “décoder l’éco“)
23/ René Chiche (professor of philosophy, vice-president of the “Action & Démocratie” union, member of the Higher Council of Education)
19/42/ Christine Cotton (former biostatistician and pharmaceutical industry subcontractor)
46/73/87/92/ Dr Michel Cucchi (doctor in sociology, doctor in medicine, biologist, hospital director, etc.)
57/ Jean-Christophe De Mestral (physicist, author)
91/ Senta Depuydt (independent health journalist)
43/ Marie-Estelle Dupont (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and author)
53/85/ Dr Claude Escarguel (microbiologist)
29/ Patrice Gibertie (honorary professor, lecturer, historian, geographer)
30/32/33/63/ Marc Girardot (conseiller en bio technologies, membre de Pandemic Data & Analytics)
68/ Dr Sophie Gonnet (general practitioner)
31/ Dr Gérard Guillaume (rheumatologist)
15/98/ David Guyon (lawyer)
21/26/ Ludovic Heringuez (lawyer)
35/96/ Damien Jeanne (doctor in history and archaeology of the medieval worlds)
68/ Dr Edith Kaji (general practitioner)
54/ Dr Pierre Kory (emergency physician and founder of the FLCCC)
52/ Dominique Labbé (teacher-researcher in political science)
62/ Dr Éric Loridan (surgeon)
90/ Christine Mackoi (research physician)
3/11/ Pr Michel Maffesoli (Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne, Member of the University Institute of France)
9/17/41/55/ Dr Gérard Maudrux (retired surgeon, former president of the CARMF)
45/95/ Dr Pascal Mensah (researcher in low dose immunotherapy and immunometabolism)
46/ Patrick Meyer (Professor of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics)
72/ Momotchi (electronic engineer, citizen journalist)
22/45/ Carine Montaner Raynaud (Member of Parliament of the Principality of Andorra)
4/8/16/19/39/54/65/ Laurent Mucchielli (professor of sociology)
70/76/ Dr Jérôme Munyangi Wa Nkola (teacher-researcher, specialist in tropical diseases)
69/88/ Patrick Provost (professor of microbiology, infectiology and immunology)
78/ Denis Rancourt (researcher in physics)
40/93/ Dr Vincent Reliquet (general practitioner, president of the scientific council of AIMSIB)
3/8/24/ Michèle Rivasi (professor of natural sciences and holder of a DEA in science didactics, member of the European Parliament)
27/ Jean-Marc Sabatier (director of research at the CNRS)
56/74/97/ Dr Jérôme Sainton (general practitioner)
32/ Hervé Seligmann (doctor of biology)
43/ Dr Pierre Sonigo (research director at INSERM, virologist, biologist)
84/92/100/ Hélène Strohl-Maffesoli (former general inspector of social affairs)
70/ Bernard Sudan (former head of laboratory in toxicology and pharmacology)
80/ Patrice Taravel (former CNRS engineer and computer scientist)
12/19/32/44/79/ Amine Umlil (Doctor of Pharmacy, specialist in pharmacovigilance)
7/ Caroline Vandermeeren (independent consultant Pharma/Biotech, change management/quality/performance)
20/ Christian Velot (lecturer, molecular geneticist)
47/75/ Pr Martin Zizi (biophysicist, former scientific medical director at the Belgian Defense, former director of the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division, etc.)

Summary of the public meetings of the Independent Scientific Council

Public meeting n°1 of 08/04/2021

02’48 : “Medical recommendation and proof of effectiveness of a treatment” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
10’26 : “Vaccine effectiveness : let’s observe the mortality curves according to the vaccination rate in different countries” by Dr Eric Menat
18’05 : “The ComCor study, a proven fraud” by Vincent Pavan
33’10 “Do non-pharmaceutical interventions or social restraint measures have an impact on the Covid-19 epidemic?” by Dr Louis Fouché
–>Written summary of the ISC n°1

Public meeting n°2 of 15/04/2021

07’40 : “April 2021: What is the status of the Covid-19 epidemic?” by Hélène Banoun
22’00 : “Mortality: no more deaths in 2020 than in 2015” by Vincent Pavan
43’00 : “Systemic corruption in the health sector” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>Written summary of the ISC n°2

Public meeting n°3 of 22/04/2021

11’27 : “Early outpatient treatment” by Dr Eric Menat
41’26: “Soft totalitarianism? In Thebes: Pentheus the technocrat or Dionysus the effervescent?” by Pr Michel Maffesoli
1h00’10 : “Opacity of European vaccine contracts” by Michèle Rivasi
1h26’26 : “OSCOUR passage statistics in 0-14 year olds: highlighting the effects of the mask” by Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of the ISC n°3

Public meeting n°4 of 29/04/2021

05’00 : “Constraint measures, origins and consequences” by Jean-Dominique Michel
30’00 : “Doxa of Covid” by Laurent Mucchielli
01h04’00 : “Lockdowns accelerated the spread of the epidemic” by Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of the ISC n°4

Public meeting n°5 of 06/05/2021

04’40: “2020: the first year in which more people die outside the hospital than in it” by Emmanuelle Darles
17’48 : “Prevention in the Covid-19 period” by Dr Eric Menat
43’33: “Feedback (masks, vaccines, treatments): Center 15, a “forgotten” actor…” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°5

Public meeting n°6 of 20/05/2021

04’08 : “100 000 deaths, really ?” by Pierre Chaillot
39’40 : “Introduction to vaccine pharmacovigilance” by Surya Arby
1h11’42 : “PCR and antigenic tests” by Hélène Banoun
–>Written summary of ISC n°6

Public meeting n°7 of 27/05/2021

04’43 : “Containment never prevented 61,739 deaths” by Vincent Pavan
33’30 : “Stress and Trauma in Covid times” by Fréderic Badel
1h02’22 : “When data are not reliable, there’re still lessons from the past – the variants” by Caroline Vandermeeren
–>Written summary of ISC n°7

Public meeting n°8 of 03/06/2021

03’12 : “Health certificates & vaccine passport: a European story?” by Michèle Rivasi
37’18 : “Democracy and the political management of the epidemic” by Laurent Mucchielli
1h16’18 : “Pregnant women and anti-Covid-19 injections” by Hélène Banoun

Public meeting n°9 of 10/06/2021

04’18 : “Vaccination of children. A question of ethics” by Dr Eric Menat
28’40 : “A synthesis on Ivermectin” by Dr Gérard Maudrux
57’10 : “”Pandemic” or “Syndemic”: when words must be right” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>Written summary of ISC n°9

Public meeting n°10 of 17/06/2021 (1st part + interlude + last part)

07’56 (1st part) : “Annual and weekly mortality of Covid in Europe” by Pierre Chaillot
55’00 (1st part) + interlude + last part : “Around the spike” by Hélène Banoun

Public Meeting n°11 of 06/24/2021

03’20 : “Collective immunity has no theoretical existence” by Vincent Pavan
45’20 : “The era of uprisings, the Protagoras syndrome” by Pr Michel Maffesoli

Public meeting n°12 of 01/07/2021

06’22 : “Pharmacovigilance of Pfizer vaccine” by Vincent Pavan and Emmanuelle Darles
41’00 : “Vaccine : benefit/risk ratio and adverse effects” by Amine Umlil
1h16’40 : “Early Outpatient Treatment” by Dr Eric Menat

Public meeting n°13 of 08/07/2021

04’50 : “The non-lessons of H1N1 or …. the “ignorance” of a collective intelligence” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
42’50 : “Health policy vs. economics of disease” by Jean-Dominique Michel

Public Meeting n°14 of 07/15/2021

07’28 : “Post-vaccination mortality in England and Portugal” by Vincent Pavan
31’55 : “The proselytism of censorship on Youtube” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
53’41: “Safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines” by Hélène Banoun

Public Meeting n°15 of 07/22/2021

06’00 : “What’s the scientific basis of the health pass?” by Vincent Pavan
32’00 : “Retraction of Walach’s article ?” by Pierre Chaillot
1h11’15: “The legal point on the pass” by Me David Guyon

Public Meeting n°16 of 07/29/2021

06’08 : “What is the origin of the vaccine obligation?” by Laurent Mucchielli
52’46 : “How to explain biologically the excess of post-vaccination Covid?” by Hélène Banoun

Public meeting n°17 of 05/08/2021

06’42 : “Delta variant : a chance ?” by Dr Gerard Maudrux
43’42 : “Covid, mental health and neurosciences” by Jean-Dominique Michel

Public meeting n°18 of 12/08/2021

04’50 : “European pharmacovigilance study of Covid19 vaccines” by Vincent Pavan and Emmanuelle Darles
1h00’32: “Update on the health situation” by Dr Eric Menat

Public meeting n°19 of 19/08/2021

08’00 : “Analysis of data from the American pharmacovigilance database (VAERS)” by Christine Cotton
52’25 : “Causal link in pharmacovigilance and in justice between an adverse reaction and a suspect drug” by Amine Umlil

Public meeting n°20 of 26/08/2021

05’30 : “Vaccine technologies against Covid-19” by Christian Velot
1h16’28 : “The opinion of the European and American health agencies on the Pfizer vaccine trial on adolescents” by Helene Banoun

Public meeting n°21 of 02/09/2021

06’58 : “Pfizer vaccine clinical trials on adolescents” by Hélène Banoun
39’52 : “Complaint against X filed by the association Reinfo Liberté” by Vincent Pavan and Ludovic Heringuez

Public meeting n°22 of 09/09/2021

04’15 : “Impact of conflicts of interest on political decisions related to Covid” by Carine Montaner Raynaud
37’18 : “Lessons to be learned from Israel” by Pierre Chaillot

Public meeting n°23 of 16/09/2021

07’28 : “Forbidden to think” by René Chiche

Public meeting n°24 of 23/09/2021

04’20 : “Can the hospital become a place of high risk contamination?” by Dr Eric Menat
31’20 : “Covax Organization for equitable access to vaccine doses” by Michèle Rivasi
–>Written summary of ISC n°24

Public meeting n°25 of 30/09/2021

10’34 : “Natural immunity versus vaccine immunity” by Hélène Banoun
41’22 : “Ethics, manipulations and propaganda at the time of Covid” by Jean-Dominique Michel

Public meeting n°26 of 07/10/2021

05’42 : “Statistics from the Ministry of Health” by Pierre Chaillot
42’10 : “An increasingly mysterious pre-print” by Vincent Pavan
1h03’52 : “Follow-up to the complaint for forgery, use of forgeries and influence peddling, filed by the association Réinfo Liberté” by Ludovic Heringuez
–>Written summary of ISC n°26

Public meeting n°27 of 14/10/2021

04’40 : “Mode of action of SARS-CoV-2 and Vitamin D” by Jean-Marc Sabatier
1h05’26 : “Evolution in 2021 of myocarditis, thrombosis and blindness in VAERS among 12-17 year olds” by Vincent Pavan and Emmanuelle Darles
–>Written summary of ISC n°27

Public meeting n°28 of 21/10/2021

09’35 : “How to evaluate natural immunity to Covid?” by Hélène Banoun
52’34: “The Epi-phare study: impact of vaccination on the risk of severe forms of Covid-19” by Pierre Chaillot
–>Written summary of ISC n°28

Public meeting n°29 of 28/10/2021

05’30 : “Geographical and geopolitical approach of the pandemic” by Patrice Gibertie
48’34 : “Covid-19 and mass psychopathology” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>Written summary of ISC n°29

Public meeting n°30 of 04/11/2021

09’38: “A different reading of the Covid epidemic: Implications of cross immunity” by Marc Girardot
52’04 : “How Fauci fooled America and … Véran France … Berset Switzerland … van Ranst Belgium … Arruda Quebec, etc.” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>Written summary of ISC n°30

Public meeting n°31 of 11/11/2021

03’44 : “Covid-19 and rheumatology” by Dr Gérard Guillaume
46’44: “Pharmacovigilance and formalization” by Vincent Pavan
1h45’30 : “Where has collective intelligence gone?” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°31

Public meeting n°32 of 18/11/2021

06’22 : “Dynamics of the association between COVID vaccination and all-cause mortality stratified by age group” by Hervé Seligmann
33’40 : “From information on the benefit/risk ratio of a drug to respect for human dignity” by Amine Umlil
1h25’10 : “Dominique Costaglia and collective immunity” by Vincent Pavan
1h48’20 : “Undesirable effects of an action on a child’s body” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°32

Public Meeting n°33 of 25/11/2021

06’04 : “Vaccines against Covid: the greatest fraud in history” by Christian Perronne
1h06’28 : “Vitamin D and Covid-19” by Dr Eric Menat
1h35’15 : “Sharing a musical ballad” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°33

Public meeting n°34 of 02/12/2021

05’14 : “Is the imposition of the 3rd dose scientifically justified?” by Hélène Banoun
39’30: “Hospital activity in 2020: the real version” by Pierre Chaillot
–>Written summary of ISC n°34

Public meeting n°35 of 09/12/2021

06’14 : “”Inside with my people, outside as a citizen”: the marks of the sacred in times of illness. Leprosy, plague and Sars-CoV-2″ by Damien Jeanne
42’45: “Request for retraction of the article Science: Estimating the Burden of Sars-Cov-2 in France. Part One: Concealing the Risks of Containment” by Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of ISC n°35

Public Meeting n°36 of 16/12/2021

09’45: “Request for retraction of the article Science: Estimating the Burden of Sars-Cov-2 in France. Part Two: Inventing Benefits” by Vincent Pavan
47’30 : “”History repeats itself…” Trusting “authorities” who dramatize health events. Is this really reasonable?” by Laurent Toubiana
1h43’33 : “Algorithms forget the human aspect” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°36

Public meeting n°37 of 06/01/2022

14’52 : “Valneva and inactivated vaccines and : Disappointing!” by Hélène Banoun
01h01’12 : “No, the non-vaccinated do not saturate the resuscitations! Nor anyone else for that matter” by Pierre Chaillot
2h05’52 : “The choice” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°37

Public meeting n°38 of 13/01/2022

11’56 : “Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance – How the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is lying to you” by Surya Arby
1h03’15: “Pharmacovigilance of Covid-19 vaccines since VAERS. State of play in 12-17 year olds and 5-11 year olds.” by Emmanuelle Darles
1h50’30 : “Attack of the French Medical Council concerning vitamin D” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes and Dr Bruno Bourgeon
–>Written summary of ISC n°38

Public meeting n°39 of 20/01/2022

11’42 : “The Factory of Covidology” by Laurent Mucchielli
1h11’18 : “Technical springs of the Factory of consent – elementary hypnosis toolbox” by Dr Louis Fouché
–>Written summary of ISC n°39

Public meeting n°40 of 27/01/2022

10’39 : “Origin of SARS-CoV-2, look for the money…” by Dr Vincent Reliquet
54’39: “Origin of the Covid-19 virus: natural or artificial” by Hélène Banoun
2h07’12 : “Painting meditation” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>Written summary of ISC n°40

Public meeting n°41 of 03/02/2022

12’30 : “Epiphare and ANSM propaganda” by Surya Arbi
56’22 : “Ivermectin, a missed opportunity?” by Gérard Maudrux
–>Written summary of ISC n°41

Public meeting n°42 of 10/02/2022

11’54 : “Tribute to Professor Luc Montagnier” by Dr Eric Menat
22’58 : “Psychology of totalitarianism” by Ariane Bilheran
1h06’00 : “Pfizer Clinical Trials” by Christine Cotton
–>Written summary of ISC n°42

Public meeting n°43 of 17/02/2022

14’30 : “Childhood and Covid” by Marie-Estelle Dupont
48’40 : “Immunity and Covid” by Pierre Sonigo
–>Written summary of ISC n°43

Public Meeting n°44 of 24/02/2022

15’05 : “Systematic rejection of appeals against the vaccination obligation at the Council of State” by Amine Umlil
1h03’02 : “Critical analysis of the Economic Analysis Council study on the benefits of the health pass” by Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of ISC n°44

Public Meeting n°45 of 03/03/2022

09’00 : “Vaccination of children and criminal complaints against certain members of the government and change of course for health policy” by Carine Montaner
41’18 : “Should we make boosters ?” by Dr Pascal Mensah
–>Written summary of ISC n°45

Public Meeting n°46 of 10/03/2022

14’01 : “The impact of vaccines on European excess mortality in 2021” by Patrick Meyer
1h02’36 : “Management of influenza A (H1N1), the drug industry and public decision making” by Dr Michel Cucchi
–>Written summary of ISC n°46

Public Meeting n°47 of 17/03/2022

08’56 : Questions – answers to a senior official on vaccines with Pr Martin Zizi
1h06’45 : “Retrotranscription and integration in the genome of viral and/or vaccine RNA: what do we know?” by Hélène Banoun
–>Written summary of ISC n°47

Public Meeting n°48 of 24/03/2022

05’24 : “The manufacture of panic and the robbery of public accounts” by Pierre Chaillot
47’43 : “Totalitarian language” by Ariane Bilheran and Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of ISC n°48

Public meeting n°49 of 07/04/2022

17’30 : “Presentation for the Senate Inquiry “Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices”” by Vincent Pavan and Emmanuelle Darles
–>Written summary of ISC n°49

Public Meeting n°50 of 14/04/2022

06’30 : “Tribute to the ISC people” by Dr Eric Menat
15’04 : “Messages from everyone for the one year anniversary”.
48’56 : “The ISC and its future”
1h04’02 : “The 4th dose” by Dr Eric Menat
1h18’20 : “Protection of “vaccines”” by Hélène Banoun
–>Written summary of ISC n°50

Public Meeting n°51 of 21/04/2022

6’14 : “Assessment of the International Covid Summit (ICS)” by Vincent Pavan
46’45 : “The impact of anti-Covid measures on children” by Emmanuelle Darles
–>Written summary of ISC n°51

Public Meeting n°52 of 28/04/2022

14’38 : “The disarmed city medicine” by Dominique Labbé
1h03’42 : “Psycho-pandemic : salutogenesis in times of crisis” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>Written summary of ISC n°52

Public Meeting n°53 of 05/05/2022

7’04 : “PIMS and vaccination of children” by Hélène Banoun
26’00 : “Bacteria/virus cooperations and their therapeutic implications in the prevention of severe and long-lasting forms of Covid” by Dr Claude Escarguel
–>Written summary of ISC n°53

Public Meeting n°54 of 12/05/2022

10’34 : “The war against generics against Covid-19” by Pierre Kory
1h07’00 : “Control of information, closure of public debate and prohibition of scientific controversies” by Laurent Mucchielli
–>Written summary of ISC n°54

Public Meeting n°55 of 19/05/2022

14’58 : “Article from INSEE on Covid-19 mortality” by Pierre Chaillot
44’00 : “The misfortunes of Ivermectin” by Gérard Maudrux
1h30’17 : “The use of Rivotril” by Pierre Chaillot
–>Written summary of ISC n°55

Public Meeting n°56 of 26/05/2022

4’37 : “Epidemiological, ethical & medical considerations on the effectiveness of natural immunity to SARS-Cov-2” by Dr Jérôme Sainton
39’15 : “OPECST hearings” by Emmanuelle Darles and Vincent Pavan
54’10 : “continuation of the intervention” by Jérôme Sainton
–>Written summary of ISC n°56

Public Meeting n°57 of 02/06/2022

5’35 : “From doubt to proof: the case of FIFA players” by Jean-Christophe De Mestral
48’16 : “Pharmacovigilance and mortality estimation” by Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of ISC n°57

Public Meeting n°58 of 09/06/2022

3’38 : “Toxicity of the spike protein and the controversies on the toxicity of vaccine drugs” by Pr Jean-Paul Bourdineaud
1h21’17 : “Vaccine reformulation for automn 2022” by Hélène Banoun
–>Written summary of ISC n°58

Public Meeting n°59 of 16/06/2022

2’43 : “The codification of medical acts in the hospital” by Pierre Chaillot

Public Meeting n°60 of 23/06/2022

13’36 : “FDA Approves COVID Vaccines for Children 6 Months to 5 Years: 15/06/2022” by Hélène Banoun
38’10 : “Study of the report on behalf of the OPECST on the adverse effects of vaccines against Covid-19 and the French pharmacovigilance system” by Vincent Pavan
–>Written summary of ISC n°60

Public Meeting n°61 of 30/06/2022

12’56 : “Anti-covid SARS-CoV-2 injections, towards hypersensitivity?” by Anne-Lise Boquet-Garçon
–>Written summary of ISC n°61

Public Meeting n°62 of 07/07/2022

12’36 : “The scientific basis of wearing a mask” by Eric Loridan
–>Written summary of ISC n°62

Public Meeting n°63 of 21/07/2022

8’41 : “A different reading of Covid vaccines: potential dangers for the Endothelium and human health – Consequences for all transfectant vaccines” by Marc Girardot
1h21’56 : “Review of the OPECST report and the book “Don’t touch our kids”” by Emmanuelle Darles

Public Meeting n°64 of 28/07/2022

7’02 : “”Elements of response in immunology to explain the adverse effects observed following anti-covid injections: the Th17” by Anne-Lise Boquet-Garçon

Public Meeting n°65 of 04/08/2022

12’26 : “Vaccines for next autumn” by Hélène Banoun
14’15 : “Are the freedoms and checks and balances that underpin democracy soluble in the fight against an epidemic?” by Laurent Mucchielli

Public Meeting n°66 of 11/08/2022

7’26 : “English statistics of mortality from all causes” by Pierre Chaillot

Public Meeting n°67 of 18/08/2022

11’01 : “ISC posters in Toulouse” by Vincent Pavan
25’06 : “Pharmacovigilance of Covid-19 vaccines, ongoing actions: Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)” by Surya Arby

Public Meeting n°68 of 25/08/2022

9’34 : “Covid and Antihistamines” by Dr Sophie Gonnet, Dr Edith Kaji, Dr Stéphane Arminjon (and Dr Hélène Rezeau-Frantz)
1h20’40 : “Legal point concerning the poster campaign in Toulouse” by Vincent Pavan and David Guyon
1h31’30 : “Posters in Toulouse : methodological point and results” by Vincent Pavan
–>ISC podcast n°68

Public Meeting n°69 of 01/09/2022

15’52 : “Censorship and intimidation within a university in Quebec” by Patrick Provost
53’02: “Impact of wearing a mask, the sanitary protocol and covid vaccination in children” by Emmanuelle Darles
–>ISC podcast n°69

Public Meeting n°70 of 08/09/2022

5’46 : “Results of current research on Artemisia Annua and presentation of plants with a high therapeutic potential” by Bernard Sudan
48’50: “Work and studies conducted on Artemisia in the Democratic Republic of Congo” by Dr Jérôme Munyangi Wa Nkola
1h16’53 : “Legal update on the Réinfo Liberté poster campaign and other ongoing complaints” by Vincent Pavan and David Guyon
–>ISC podcast n°70

Public Meeting n°71 of 15/09/2022

15’08: “Aggressive measures, growing inequalities and mass training during the COVID-19 crisis” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>ISC podcast n°71

Public Meeting n°72 of 22/09/2022

13’49 : “Vaccine and pregnancy – canadian study on side effects” by Momotchi
–>ISC podcast n°72

Public Meeting n°73 of 29/09/2022

16’38: “Therapeutic trials and expertise bias: the case of Pfizer’s “vaccine”, 2020-2021″ by Dr Michel Cucchi
–>ISC podcast n°73

Public meeting n°74 of 06/10/2022

6’58 : “Post-vaccinal myocarditis: more serious than predicted” by Dr Louis Fouché
22’32 : “On the effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccination and some (other) biases …” by Dr Jérôme Sainton
–>ISC podcast n°74

Public Meeting n°75 of 13/10/2022

4’02 : “RNA vaccines and legal aspects” by Pr Martin Zizi
–>ISC podcast n°75

Public Meeting n°76 of 20/10/2022

7’04 : “Artemisia afra : Therapeutic potentials against transmissible and non transmissible diseases” by Dr Jérôme Munyangi
–>ISC podcast n°76

Public Meeting n°77 of 27/10/2022

7’02 : “Trend leaders or trend followers” by Xavier Azalbert
49’20 : “Censorship and freedom of expression through and by the prism of information theories” by Vincent Pavan
–>ISC podcast n°77

Public meeting n°78 of 10/11/2022

3’03 : “Statistics, death and their manipulation” by Denis Rancourt
–>Written transcript of ISC n°78
–>ISC podcast n°78

Public meeting n°79 of 17/11/2022

3’15 : “Whistleblower protection : some rules to know” by Amine Umlil
–>ISC podcast n°79

Public meeting n°80 of 24/11/2022

4’07 : “Attempted murder” by Emmanuelle Darles
8’24 : “What does the EuroMomo mortality data say” by Patrice Taravel
–>ISC podcast n°80

Public meeting n°81 of 01/12/2022

4’04 : “State of knowledge on the pharmacokinetics of mRNA vaccines” by Hélène Banoun
–>Written transcript of ISC n°81
–>ISC podcast n°81

Public meeting n°82 of 08/12/2022

9’17 : “Non-vaccinated, much more numerous than admitted!” by Pierre Chaillot
–>ISC podcast n°82

Public meeting n°83 of 15/12/2022

8’25 : “Covid19 injections: Questions on the benefit/risk balance” by Vincent Pavan
34’05 : “Covid19 injections: Statistics from ANSM raw data” by Emmanuelle Darles
–>ISC podcast n°83

Public meeting n°84 of 22/12/2022

7’30 : “From independent evaluation of public action to its standardisation” by Hélène Strohl
–>Written transcript of ISC n°84
–>ISC podcast n°84

Public meeting n°85 of 05/01/2023

6’07 : “The end of a myth: “it’s viral, you mustn’t give antibiotics!” and how to avoid long lasting Covid” by Claude Escarguel
–>ISC podcast n°85

Public meeting n°86 of 12/01/2023

8’37 : “”Complotists”, “antivax” and other thought control tools, a socio-historical perspective” by Jean-Dominique Michel
–>ISC podcast n°86

Public meeting n°87 of 19/01/2023

13’46 : “Influence and pandemics: introduction to manufactured risk” by Michel Cucchi
–>ISC podcast n°87

Public meeting n°88 of 26/01/2023

7’33 : “Period of detection and identification of side effects linked to anti-covid vaccination” by Patrick Provost
–>ISC podcast n°88

Public meeting n°89 of 02/02/2023

5’29 : “Remuneration based on Public Health Objectives (ROSP) and… systemic corruption” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
–>ISC podcast n°89

Public meeting n°90 of 09/02/2023

7’40 : “Neonatal mortality” by Christine Mackoi
–>ISC podcast n°90

Public meeting n°91 of 16/02/2023

7’28 : “mRNA: vaccine or gene therapy? WHO, EMA and FDA regulations” by Hélène Banoun
–>ISC podcast n°91

Public meeting n°92 of 23/02/2023

4’34 : “Pandemics: the bio-security impasse” by Michel Cucchi
–>ISC podcast n°92

Public meeting n°93 of 02/03/2023

11’50 : “Mathematical corruption” by Vincent Pavan
–>ISC podcast n°93

Public meeting n°94 of 09/03/2023

10’52 : “Definitive criticism of the Lancet article claiming that genetic vaccines would have prevented up to 20 million deaths” by Pr Jean-Paul Bourdineaud
–>ISC podcast n°94

Public meeting n°95 of 16/03/2023

4’38 : “Impacts of SPIKE on the IMMUNITY SYSTEM” by Annelise Bocquet
–>ISC podcast n°95

Public meeting n°96 of 23/03/2023

4’23 : “News on the covid-19 figures” by Damien Jeanne
25’13 : “Sowers of disease in times of epidemics” by Damien Jeanne
–>ISC podcast n°96

Public meeting n°97of 30/03/2023

5’28 : “”12 times more contagious” : the story of a rigged indicator” by Vincent Pavan
–>ISC podcast n°97

Public meeting n°98 of 06/04/2023

9’38 : Context and legal action taken concerning the serious faults committed by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines” by David Guyon
38’14 : “Towards a lack of vigilance from the ANSM and the European institutions? Legal-scientific aspects” by Emmanuelle Darles
–>ISC podcast n°98

Public meeting n°99 of 13/04/2023

14’01 : “HPV Vaccines (Gardasil) and junk Science” by Surya Arby
–>ISC podcast n°99

Public meeting n°100 of 18/05/2023

Introductory play
19’37 : “Death and rebirth of the health system” with Vincent Pavan, André Bercoff, Christian Perronne, Louis Fouché, Hélène Strohl and Philippe de Chazournes
1h36’20 : End clap in songs

Summary of the public meetings of the Independent Scientific Council

Public meeting of 23/07/2022

“What health for tomorrow?” animated by Dr Éric Menat, organized with Jacqueline Iché of the association Passerelles pour la vie, Valérie Daout, Bruno Bardies and Joël Modol of the Reinfocovid 31 collective, etc.

  • Introduction by Dr Éric Menat
  • 13’49 : “Acknowledgements, E-health or dehumanized health, recreating a health system based on human beings” by Dr Louis Fouché
  • 39’10 : “How can therapists inform themselves independently?” by Hélène Banoun
  • 1h07’29: “Health citizenship and community empowerment: the future of health systems” by Jean-Dominique Michel
  • 1h34’40 : “Telemedicine and the functioning of health institutions” by Dr Philippe de Chazournes
  • 2h10’10 : “What is health? What is medicine?” by Dr Olivier Soulier
  • 2h37’33 : “Enabling patients to be actors of their health” by Dr Grégory Pamard
  • 3h00’26 : “Presentation of Covisoins initiatives” by Romain
  • 3h17’56 : Questions/Answers

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