Vélicious Strasbourg, it’s delicious !

Vélicious is the first vegan restaurant and coffeehouse, launched in Strasbourg in 2015, through a crowdfunding campaign. The Vélicious team is composed of Elena and Cédric, main initiators of this project, and is growing day by day with, for example, my super ex-neighbour pastry chef Erika !

I got to know this new restaurant in Strasbourg via Facebook while I was living in Spain. By following the news of the page, I was eager to test their homemade products, developed, to the extent possible, with organic and local ingredients.

In december, they’ve published the menu of the Christmas logs.12376464_916299011792603_2492333127795164677_n I let myself be tempted by the « Prestige » log, a log made from hazelnuts, different chocolates, crusty praline with almonds and hazelnuts, and caramel. Yes, the price was prestigious too. Anyway, I trust the quality of the products, I am no longer a student, it’s Christmas, no excuses, it will please the family !

So, in the morning of December 24, I looked for the log at the restaurant. The team welcomed me with a smile. We exchanged few words, then I let them work because during holiday season there is plenty of work. Finally, I didn’t regret my choice. The whole family was happy and surprised that this tasty log doesn’t contain eggs, cow’s milk or any other animal product.

After Christmas holiday, I went back to Spain and I promised myself that I’ll come back next time to taste one of their lovely dishes.

Back to Strasbourg in february, it was hard to find time to go to the restaurant. Especially since the restaurant is located a bit far from my home. What good news when I read the 17th of february at 11:47 AM on Vélicious Facebook page that it’s now possible to be delivered at home by bicycle for only 2,50€ extra from 15€ of purchase.

In less than 5 minutes I placed my order : a small organic salad of the chef (Elena), a homemade vegan cheeseburger with chips, ketchup and vegan mayonnaise sauces, and a praline cupcake.

The order arrived within 40 minutes because I live on the other side of the city… The delivery man told me that he was well warmed up from pedaling since 30 minutes. Erika told me the next day that I have the honour to be the first customer delivered at home by bicycle !

Despite the 30 minutes of cycling, the dish was still warm ! Repas véliciousThe salad was so big I thought they made a mistake and sent me the large salad instead ^^. The vegan cheeseburger was delicious. However, I didn’t really like the potato skin on some fries. The sauces are very good and I couldn’t tell the difference between vegan and non-vegan mayonnaise.


cupcake velicious

Finally, a picture of the praline cupcake with a soft praline core hidden under the praline cream, a real treat !

Next time I will taste your soups, your chocolate mousse and your hot chocolate. Continue to share your culinary passion, I will continue to enjoy the food 🙂 See you soon !

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